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PROJECT 04:#ButYouDontlookSick

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In September of 2018, I successfully completed the Girls in Tech Global Classroom Maker’s Course Using Tinkercad!  

This course explored phases of 3d design processes to create an advocacy token that will raise awareness with the community, for a cause I believed in. 

The cause I have chosen is: Enhancing awareness on Invisible Illnesses in the Workplace. 

Invisible Illnesses and all that accompanies them are different to each individual. When the simple statement: “Today I am battling” should be enough, things like pain scales, emotion charts, and spoon theories are used in place of verbal communication. These tools have become the norm to express how a person is feeling and especially used when their illness or disability can not be seen by others. Although these tools have proven helpful in enhancing awareness, a person's status can not always be communicated effectively through the use of these modalities. Constantly needing to explain or justify oneself on these scales can be discouraging. Often times people with invisible illnesses and disabilities push themselves to their limits, forgetting to check in on their own well being. They can often have a hard time asking for help. All of this along with the lack of understanding among their coworkers can be contributing factors that cause issues in the workplace. This project hopes to serve as a physical reminder and visual tool to enhance awareness around invisible illness in the workplace. 


To read more about this project in detail please click PDF attachment.  

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