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Choose Your Own Adventure Necklace

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Product Details
Brand: JBKreative
The One of A Kind Adventure Necklace is perfect for wearing every day or for a special occasion. These interchangeable necklaces can be made in sizes from: Short Length 15 - 17 Inches, Princess Length 17- 19 Inches, Matinee Length 20-24 Inches, Opera Length 34 - 37 Inches, Rope Length 48- 60 Inches and can be customized from from there. They are great for layering and can also be worn in a few different styles, as stackable bracelets or wrap bracelets.

Choose your very own fun handmade item, from our already made stock or create a custom design of your own. Each unique piece has been created with a variety of signature materials, to create a one of a kind treasure. Pearls, semi-precious stone, crystals, beads mixed metals and miscellaneous (new and repurposed.) are carefully selected to create details that are filled with a heartfelt whimsical story. Whichever you choose is sure to be a show-stopping conversation piece.

** Due to the one of kind nature of this inventory you may reserve purchase any items shown. Once you finalized a purchase a member of our team will contact you to personally secure the item from the inventory or speak with you about options and any customizations to you order.

Customizable pieces are great for yourself or for a thoughtful personalized gift.

Available for purchase through JBKreative.

Material: Vary
Color: Vary
Customs: Available
Fit: Varies on Beading Wire

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