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Cultivating a Concept of Community

Each day seems to present opportunities for something new to be excited about. Trust that there are tough days but the good days are not going overlooked and they are sincerly out weighing the challenging ones.

It is a known fact how much I love the city of Saint Louis. As expected it is continuing to inspire me in all that it has to offer. Coming here and finding that there are places where I can be accepted, just as I am, became cause for a most visceral discovery. The importance of the community. This level of authentic acceptance, has created a profound imprint on me and is something that is now the backbone to what JBKreative is about. This sense of community is what is important and it is something we want to be sure to continue to cultivate.

With all that has been going on over the last few years, our vision is becoming more clear. JBKreative is evolving and though we have always been about the exploration of found objects as a vessel for personal storytelling. It is becoming so much more than that.

As we continue to share our ever changing curated collection of unique handmade items, we are going to be leaning more into understanding them. Directly exploring the deep rooted concepts behind the use of repurposed materials and the ways that they are applied to eclectic arts. Though our focus may be based on the curiosity of salvaging everyday objects, we also want to look towards acquistion and the need for preserving these pieces of history.

The process on how JBKreative acquires materials for pieces has always been important. Recently this has become even more clear, and fused, with even more intention. By being committed to how we source our materials we want to ensure that at every step of the way we are maintaining a focus on our core values. Not only are we working on keeping beautiful old things out of landfills but also finding new ways to give back and always supporting the local community first.

Materials sourced for our pieces first come from: thrift stores, community groups, local vendors, trading with others, and even sometimes from donations. Completly avoiding big box stores and supply chains that are only used minimally and only when absolutely necessary. “From the Community - For the Community”. Which means the supplies came from the local people and that the pieces created or revenue generated is then returned to them first. The sales of these pieces allow this process to start over again. It is a special feeling to know that as a community we are able to support each other. Everything we need can be found right here in our own backyard and because of this we will continue to stand behind the idea that together we are strong.

We hope this invites each one of you to take a moment today to see all of the wondrous things this world has to offer. We are just getting started with ideas on what to share and how. If you have any ideas we would love to hear.

Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do. We can’t wait to see more of you.


More information about these handcrafted items created as well as other events can be found on the JBKreative social media. Items are available for purchase at the JBKreative Shop or on the JBKreative Etsy. You can also visit us in our store front location at The Wink in St. Louis, Mo. There you can choose a One of A Kind handcrafted item from carefully selected materials. Custom designs are always open. Whichever you choose is sure to be a show-stopping conversation piece. Start building your story today.

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