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Inside the World of Reusable Repairs

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Small Component Jewelry Issues and how to solve them.

When I was little I remember my dad telling me about how he had a pinky ring with a big triangle diamond center stone that he won in a card game. (They were all the rage back in the day.) The first time he ever got a chance to wear it, he tapped it in the wrong spot on the edge of a table and the stone shattered beyond repair. Almost unbelievable until you realize that this is exactly what happens if you were to hit an minor inclusion flaw within the stone. Even though a diamond is one of the hardest minerals they still have their weakness. A rare occurrence but an still an unfortunate one.

Accidentally damaging one of your favorite pieces of jewelry can seem like the end of the world and if you own a piece of jewelry you love chances are you want to keep in the best condition possible avoiding the chances of any of these number of things that has or could happened to you.

- Favorite necklace have a broken clasp?

- Charm fall off and then the chain got knotted?

- Jump ring open up on your favorite family heirloom bracelet?

- Lose an earring back or ear wire?

- Stone fall out of your most worn pin and now needs to be re-glued?

- Love certain parts of a piece but the rest of it not doing it for you anymore?

- Have grandma’s old pieces but wish the could be a bit more ready for modern wear?

It is an unfortunate situation that once adored pieces become dated or damaged they end up being taken out of wearable rotation, often only to be decommissioned to the once loved and lost pile, but what else is there to do?

Due to the nature of these coveted trinkets taking them to a jeweler is not always an option. Often these types of items require having extra supplies, time or inspiration and a lack in any of these can cause a much extended delay in being able to achieve the one main goal of jewelry… to WEAR it!

Whatever the issue might be- JBKreative is here to help. We take well loved, gently damaged pieces and will either repair them with supplies from one of our small component jewelry repair kits or partner with you to repurpose them. Our on the spot repairs will have your favorite pieces being worn again in no time and our repurposed versions are one of kind. They are sure to be loved even more than they once were before!

Let’s get you back to wearing your favorite pieces again. Reach out for a consultation today! Don’t let the dust settle and dull all that sparkle!

( Note: Not all repairs are possible under these services including and not limited to: Fine jewelry or advanced damage repair. )

More information about these handcrafted items created as well as other events can be found on the JBKreative social media. Items are available for purchase at the JBKreative Shop or on the JBKreative Etsy. You can also visit us in our store front location at The Wink in St. Louis, Mo. There you can choose a One of A Kind handcrafted item from carefully selected materials. Custom designs are always open. Whichever you choose is sure to be a show-stopping conversation piece. Start building your story today.

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