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The Art of Storytelling Jewelry

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I grew up putting things together, like puzzles. Always fascinated by intricate designs of oddly cut individual shapes. Alone each piece holds intrigue but once they come together something else is revealed entirely, a story comes to life. Until it is complete, it is not always clear which way it will go. Puzzle pieces fit or do not fit together in a way that makes sense. Once connected it is hard to imagine that they ever existed apart. Life tends to be like this. Moments taking twist and turns, weaving each individual into a metamorphosis and all we are left with are stories. Often we hold these stories close to our hearts. Good or bad, they become part of the legacy and shape who we are and want to be.

Growing up I began to realize that other objects tend to function in the same manner in which puzzle pieces would. Some things just fit together in ways that nothing else ever could. This is how I began the exploration of found objects. A discovery that allowed me to tell stories. Through the act of assembling objects together and taking them apart, when they did not quite fit.

A process that started out as paper collage, moving all the way to massive overbearing installations of found objects and organized performance works. Over time boxes packed and transported from one living/creative space to the next became overwhelming, and sometimes it is best if we can learn to let go of some of the baggage we are dragging behind. As the years have passed the boxes became smaller, and the objects within them have too. Piece by piece breaking down and building back up a process that has become more delicate and simplified. Willingly working me down to this: a focused story contained in a small final object. That can now be worn or carried and shared with the world.

What I share is only my part of the story. What comes before is how it came to me and the connection it then builds with other objects. What comes next is that I share it with the world and how others relate to it. I create things in a manner that is to give meaning and importance to everyday things. With a focus of then sharing them in as many ways as I possibly can. Things created are gifts from the heart, each with a unique story to tell. No matter what someone is drawn to there are details to be found that are filled with whimsical energy.

This is part of the legacy I will leave behind. Will you let me share it with you?

Items created can be found on shared often on my social media and are available for purchase at the JBKreative Shop or on the JBKreative Etsy . There you can choose a One of A Kind handcrafted item from carefully selected materials. Custom designs are always open. Whichever you choose is sure to be a show-stopping conversation piece. Start building your story today.

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