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This upcoming series, will now transform reflective stills of my photographic artwork into moving images. These curiously altered visuals are extracted from metadata collected from the exact moment that the image is captured. Creating an experience that once upon a time could only be seen through the originating eyes and captured by omniscient lens. Through the use of new developments in technology I will then offer this first-hand experience to viewers so that they can be shared anytime in the palm of one's hand.

Each Image in the series will be minted on the Blockchain to include:

- A special digital moving NFT formatted file.

- A Hi-Res digital copy of the (nonmoving) original image.

- Special content that can only be unlocked by the owner containing access to physical object options available for purchase.

With this, I invite you to share with me the release of the Token series:

Operation JoyRide NFT

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