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The Why behind the Y

If you have seen some of my pieces you will see that I often use multiple types of materials in a variety of different ways. This is done with intention an attempt to blur the line between everyday wearable and art. Often interchangeable some pieces are silly or childlike, some are sharply overwhelming and some are just mundane.

I often do not share to much back story about the materials used. The reasons why I have chosen a certain thing or where it was acquired from is part of my process and something I do not wish to impose upon others. Doing so has the potential of leaving an unintended imprint on the piece that does not allow the person wearing it to develop their own storyline. My hope is to avoid altering the underlying connection a person could have with a piece and this should be built from a place that is theirs alone, so unless asked, most times I will allow the pieces to speak for themselves.

In some cases it feels important to share general ideas and supporting facts about the care that goes into the sourcing of materials. This is to help shape some understanding into the making of these items that goes beyond general everyday acquisition. So here it is... The why behind the Y.

Like most of my pieces the series of storytelling the “Y” necklaces is no different. Materials for these pieces came about by compiling repurposed and found object pieces (new and used) from a variety of places that have been strictly sourced from the community. What does that mean? Well... A few very important things. Each one of the necklaces in this series is compiled from materials that have been locally sourced from 6 different places. Which means that the making of these has 100% supported the community in some way.

How is this done? I am glad you were wondering. I spend time searching for ways that give at every turn. Sourcing of new, unused items and vintage stock from other creatives. The entrepreneurial mom who is at home supporting her family while fighting with her own health issues everyday, the person on instagram raising money for care for their special needs children, the family who worked with beading handcrafted items for over 30 years and want to pass along a gift that has brought them joy for so many years. This is just some of the places I have outreached for items, to name a few.

Repurposing as many things as I can. This is something that is good for the environment while also keeping treasured items, from our past, out of landfills. Purchasing items from the local thrift shop that uses the money to help the homeless, the receiving of a bag of broken jewelry or bits and bobbles from friends who thought something wonderful could be made out of something they were about to throw away. Giving a chance to have new life, while also finding new innovative ways of supporting our local community and building a dream though creativity. To think of history that can come along in the sharing and wearing of something old.

The lists for me go on of the ways to give and receive. This is only a very small part. I know that I am not sitting here fully funding the economy or anything like that. Sometimes I can only afford to buy one or two small things but it might just be possible that to someone, even this means everything. On the very rare occasion I will need to source a specific item from a big box store but for the most part I have designed this process in such a way that I choose to source small first. This is how I am doing my part as a way to give back thoughtfully. Telling a story that goes deep beyond the everyday is why it is important for the supplies to speak for themselves.

Pieces like these have so much meaning behind them, way before a person decides to give them a forever home! When creating these items they may not always be composed of the most precious of metals and stones but that does not make them any less valuable or important to stand on their own. Delicate in nature and resilient in material these pieces are so much more than what you first see. It is what they stand for that becomes important.

The proceeds from the sales of these pieces and others like them will not only go back into the community they also allow an artist like me to continue the ability to keep creating and if you know me you know this is all that I have ever wanted in this life. If you would like to purchase one of these necklaces (Click Here) or if you have something you would like me to repurpose, please reach out to me and let’s get started today.

Items created can be found on shared often on my social media and are available for purchase at the JBKreative Shop or on the JBKreative Etsy . There you can choose a One of A Kind handcrafted item from carefully selected materials. Custom designs are always open. Whichever you choose is sure to be a show-stopping conversation piece. Start building your story today.

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